It’s Back and Bigger than Ever!

In honor of the passage by the United States Congress of Act H.R.1242 – 400 Years of African-American Experience Act marking the arrival of the first enslaved Africans to the United States and mark of resilience, the National Ghana Parade Council will mark the 4th  centenary since the Middle Passage with an open-air display of remembrance and celebration Ghanaian culture and tradition.

Local inhabitants and visitors to the great city of New York will be welcomed to mark this historic moment in collective celebration right here on American soil.

The Celebration!!!
Aug 1-3


Childhood games such as 0ware, an ancient board game still played in the homes and playgrounds of Ghanaians across the globe, and ampeh, a clever game of fancy feet, syncopated hand clapping, and catchy rhymes will be taught and played by children and nostalgic adults alike. Kids, get ready for face painting, festive food, and lots of crafts to keep you entertained!


Family, Food, & Community

There’s nothing like good ol’ Ghanaian food to keep the family and community spirit going! Come along and enjoy a plate of jollof - or two!

Live performances by:

Samini | Efya | King Ayisoba | Jay Baba | Nana NYC | John Q | Sherifa Gunu | Ghana National Dance Ensemble | Big Twins Cultural Music and Dance Ensemble | Garifuna Cultural Band | Nkonsonkonson SDA Drill Team | Zick Drummer | Mikaelle Cartright | Kapashanti | Paakwesi and more!!!



Thursday, Aug 1

Crotona Park, Between Crotona Avenue & Claremont Avenue


Friday, Aug 2

Macombs Dam Park, near Yankee Stadium
from 4pm


***Main EVENT***
Saturday, Aug 3

Crotona Park, 1720 Fulton Avenue & Crotona Avenue, Bronx


Heritage and Culture

Attendees will be witness to the colorful regalia and display of a customary Durbar, a procession of Chiefs and Ghanaian Queen Mothers, valued social and sacred institutions within the Ghanaian culture. Included in the procession will be the Asantefuohene of New York, Nana Amaniampong, Nana Kofi Yartel III and Nana Dokuah.

The influence of Ghanaians and the Ghanaian culture has and continues to extend its reach beyond its shores. This is evidenced in the achievements of Ghanaian across all industries – education, sports, technology, the arts, and business – and the cultural expression of people from the Caribbean and African Americans alike who find their ancestral and genealogical lineage in Ghana among other West African countries.

The event will feature live music, traditional dance, food, fashion and textile, most notably the kente cloth, a handwoven textile of the Akan people of Ghana, games and activities for the entire family to enjoy!




Crotona Park, Bronx

Address: Between 1720 Fulton Avenue & Crotona Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457
Directions: For more information on how to get to the venue, click here.


Sponsors and Supporters

To our sponsors and supporters, we thank you!

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